S&C Windows repair conservatory windows in Norfolk

Leaking Conservatory in Norfolk?

Is there anything you can do with a leaking conservatory in Norfolk? In normal conditions conservatories and windows may not leak but with the amount of rain we have had recently the water will often find a way through. They might not necessarily need a repair but I can do a free health check just…

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steamed window in Norwich, Norfolk

Secure your windows in Norfolk

I had to replace the rubber gasket on an old window this week. Due to the design of the window you could remove the glass from outside. So due to a security risk, the owner wanted the gasket replaced with a double sided tape which will fix the glass to the frame. If you have…

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S&C Window repairs stained glass windows in Norfolk

Stained Glass Repair

Stained glass repair.  If you have stained glass or decorative sealed units, don’t worry as we can also fix these.  Just give us a call on FREEPHONE 0800 160 1932 to discover how.

welcome to S&C Window Repairs - S&C Windows man

Welcome to S&C Window Repairs

Welcome to S&C Window Repairs. The only place you need to go if you want an affordable window repair service in Norfolk. You are mowing your lawn and a stone pings up and hits your conservatory window putting the tell-tale little hole with a small crack into it!. What is the first thing you think…

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Installing a cat flap into an existing door. S&C Window Repairs can help

Cat and Dog flaps in Norwich doors

Is your cat pestering you to go out? Does it scratch the door trying to get in when its raining. Cat and dog flaps can be fitted to most doors with a bottom panel. I can also fit them into glass for example if you have a full glass door or conservatory window you want…

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